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Getting Started with Twitter Flight - Book review

Getting Started with Twitter Flight - Book review.

About two weeks ago I was asked if I could review a book about Twitter Flight. That email came in at the right time, as I was looking into trying some new language and/or framework and Flight was something I had in my list of frameworks to try out.

The publishers gave me a free copy of Getting Started with Twitter Flight, written by Tom Hamshere and off I went to read it.

The book has a nice balance between showing you the basics of the framework and giving you some guidance based on the author’s experience using Flight.

As you go through the book, you start building a simple task list application, and you enhance it as you learn more about the framework.

I found several errors on the book, which I submitted as erratas and hopefully will be fixed soon, while it’s nice when code on books can easily be copy/pasted, I took this as a chance to really understand what I was doing, all in all, it was a good exercise.

The last part of the book includes Flight’s API reference, which is great to refresh your mind, until you learn the syntax.

The book did a great job at introducing me to the framework and I’m already working on a side project to get a better feeling of what I can do with it.

If you are thinking of learning Flight, this book is a good place to start.



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