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The book that changed my life and I've never read

Throughout my life, I have always felt that life was unfair to different groups of people: minority groups, poor countries, etc. On a more personal level, I didn’t know how to stay at peace with the fact that I was able to leave my neighborhood in Argentina, and have a safe, stable life in the US.

The best I could come up with, or anything I would read about, was that each person has their own journey and for some reason this was my journey.

But how do you look at someone’s eyes and say: “Being raped is part of your journey.”?

The idea of God (or enter any name you use, Universe, etc) would decide that some people should “suffer”, never seemed right, but not to the point of me not believing in God. Instead, I always felt there was something else, there had to be a better explanation to life than what I had so far.

The Book

One afternoon, we took our kids to a used book store in Asheville, NC. Each of our kids picked up about 10 books, and while my wife was walking down the aisles, a book felt to the floor right in front of her. The book was “Your Soul’s Plan.” The title sounded very interesting, so we got it.

My wife started reading it first and we would talk about it over breakfast and throughout the day.

It was fascinating! I highly recommend it, and if reading is not your thing, and your wife/husband/partner won’t read it for you, there are lots of interviews on youtube where you can get a good understanding of the core idea of this book.

The Plan

The short version of his book is that each of our souls made a plan for the big events that would happen in our lives, and this “plan” expands to the people in your life. Your mother who left you as a child, her soul and yours agreed to that, because your soul wanted to experience that feeling and everything that came after that. Your mother’s soul loves you so much, that she agreed to this.

Now, the first question that came to mind when I heard this was, why would my soul want to suffer? The thing is, from the Soul’s perspective, there isn’t good or bad, events are “experiences.” And that is what all Souls look for, they want to have all these different experiences that eventually lead to feeling Love.

To me, this was the key to explain so much in my life, and to better understand why some people seem to suffer while others don’t. God isn’t out there punishing people. There is no punishing anywhere, there are only experiences.

Robert Schwartz goes on to explain that even though our Soul crafted a plan for this life, we, the “persona,” still have free will. We can decide not to go forward with our Soul’s plan and divert, and the best part is that, this isn’t considered a failure, or a “bad thing.” Once our life ends, and we go back to Spirit, our Soul gets another life to try again.

In essence, you haven’t made any mistakes in this life, we are here to fulfill our own plan, with the many twists we have seen so far and with the safety net that your Soul isn’t going to judge you. Your Soul, which you are part of, loves you no matter what!


One thing I’d like to clarify, there is a difference between knowing your Soul planted difficult people in your life for you to grow, and staying in toxic relationships.

Both my wife and I had to cut off my mother, my father and her mother from our lives. Reading this book helped us better understand why they were so toxic but it doesn’t change the fact that we are better off not talking to them. My wife’s mother passed away last year and now that she is back with Spirit, they get along much better, and my wife has been able to heal from deep wounds.

Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment/question.



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